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Improve/re-structure/centralize your financial transaction business flows


Enhance your capital management through treasury & financial operations consolidation.

State Treasuries

Achieve interoperability with the business community through banking industry standards


Quickly integrate disparate channels and gain efficient control over your portfolio

Processing Centers

Service offered to corporate treasuries & banks to manage their financial transactions


Allevo provides software solutions for financial institutions of all sizes for processing financial transactions. We promote BOOST (Banking OOpen Source Technologies) in order to reduce TCO and achieve end-to-end interoperability across the financial supply chain, offer operational risk containment, whilst addressing legal and regulatory constraints in processing financial transactions.


We strongly believe the answer is in developing an open infrastructure for customers to stay abreast and address swiftly and collaboratively industry moves such as real-time payments and better intraday management of liquidity and assets.


With the BOOST project, Allevo supports business growth by joint developments. It thus distributes its products with zero cost licenses and focuses on selling services, while aiming to create a self-sustaining open source community.

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FinTP is a complete open source application that processes financial transactions, automates flows and offers operational risk containment and compliance to regulatory and industry standards.


FinTP and all ancillary documentation is distributed freely and openly through the FINkers United community and provides collaboration ground for rapid development and integration of new technologies, such as crypto currencies, biometric security, data analysis algorithms. This creates an open infrastructure for achieving real-time payments and a better management of liquidity and assets.


The Allevo guaranteed distribution of FinTP is aimed to grow competitiveness, and to make financial processing systems affordable to SMEs as well – by offering a robust and stable platform,  industrialized, built, customized and validated by Allevo and ready for mission-critical operations, along with a comprehensive set of maintenance and support services.


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A11evo Tweets

Industry Events

Allevo has continuous presence at key industry events, such as Sibos, EBAday, SOFE, SWIFT Business Forum etc. At Sibos, a prime event in the financial industry, Allevo has participated since 1999 and has exhibited since 2008.


Allevo also runs its own series of events targeted to the users of Allevo solutions, the Allevo User Group already having reached its 27th edition, to FinTech developers in hackathon types of events, to customers and partners in networking conference types of events.


During these initiatives, Allevo experts meet financial industry leaders, interact on the hot topics of the moment, discuss market trends, pitch Allevo’s solution portfolio or step on stage, either keynoting or taking part in interactive panel debates.

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  • Interview With Corina Mihalache, Allevo CEO

    11 November 2015

    Here is a short interview with Corina Mihalache, Allevo CEO, while at Sibos in Singapore. Allevo, Corina Mihalache from Ali Paterson on Vimeo. Source: Ali Paterson of Fintech Finance

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  • To Be Or Not To Be

    27 October 2015

    In today’s world, technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. The latest innovative products or services adopted by the market today is tomorrow’s antique. As a result of this rapid developm...

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FinTP Tweets

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