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Implementation Services for Allevo Solutions


Allevo provides analysis and implementation services for all its licensable products (FinTP, qPayIntegrator, Esfera, FMA), ensuring a complete delivery of the solution tailored for each specific customer needs.


This is possible because all Allevo solutions, including software products and services, are highly customizable, ready for integration with various back-office systems and interfaces, meeting each individual customer’s business requirements.


Allevo implementation projects are a combination of all or any of the following services: consultancy, business and system analysis, evaluation, strategy development, planning, project consultancy, implementation of technical solutions (including data preparation and migration), assistance for system testing and final acceptance, training.


Typical phases of one-time installation:

  1. Analysis of business and technological requirements and delivery of recommended specifications

  2. Project consultancy, including project and installation planning (according to the specifications)

  3. Solution design and development according the agreed specifications

  4. Installation and configuration of the solution as specified in the installation plan

  5. Assistance for solution testing and acceptance according to the installation plan

  6. Registration of installed software products, their versions, installation locations and specific configuration in an installation and configuration record

  7. Provide basic skills transfer, during installation for up to two of the client's system administrators


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